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This product is Free for use, Blocktools.org does not charge anything for it. It does not require your PK!

Go ahead and lock liquidity for your Token and give your community the peace of mind they deserve!

Don't forget to click the Tweet button and broadcast the lock to your community!

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Locking Fees

Security First!

Blocktools offers this locker to the community free of charge in order to encourage an environment of safety and confidence.

In a sea of similar products, What's in it for you? 

1. Claim 1% Fee every 24 hours on locked liquidity!
2. No locking or unlocking fee charged by Blocktools
3. Use it for locking LP tokens as well as Vesting Tokens

The potential bragging rights for a liquidity locker with fee claims is large, but let's dive a bit deeper.

Projects often fail due to eventual paucity of funds with the only other available liquidity being locked in LP! Now you can escape from the vicious cycle of FUD Death Oblivion by claiming 1% of the LP as a fee every 24 hours.

Scenario A: Project is in coma after few hours or the next day, go ahead and use your 1% to pay for marketing or any other services! 

Scenario B: Project is doing well and your concept is being accepted by the market at large. Go ahead and use your 1% to maximize the potential, run contests, build cool stuff!

But guys, if someone claims 1% everyday the pool will run dry in 100 days! Incorrect. Use a calculator. Removing 1% of anything everyday will require approximately 10,000 days before it reaches 0

Want to build this for your project, customize it? How about a staking pool with similar mechanics? 

Let's talk over at the shop

  • Give your project the double whammy of enhanced security with a piggy bank feel!

  • A penny saved is a penny earned, we know the cash crunch that genuine projects face and therefore have made this multichain locker absolutely free to use!

  • No more cash crunch for your Projects with the claim feature allowing you to always have a small flow of liquidity to help grow or sustain your project!