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On-chain Chat

This product is Free for use, does not charge anything for it. It does not require any approvals or your PK or Hex convertors, and there is no smart contract involved! 

All you need to do is figure what message you want to send and who to send to!

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Smart Contracts

Web3 as Social Media

Got a cool idea you want to message Vitalik about? or just chat with friends or complain to your Dev! Knock yourself out.

Go ahead and visit the SHOP to get a personalized messenger for yourself!

Better yet, build your own token gated Social Media on top of your Project!

Or add a smart contract to this to scale options ranging from tips to payment processing, content creation & distribution, NFTs and much more!

  • In an era where free speech is being stifled, the Blockchain is immutable. You can speak your voice, share opinions and ideas without fear of censorship

  • On-chain messaging as on date is relatively unexplored with highly scalable opportunities for those that are interested to build products in Web3

  • On traditional socials you sacrifice privacy at the hands of spyware designed to use you for advertising and thought control. On-chain messaging is free from it, and even free to chat, if you use Testnets!