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This product is Free for use, does not charge anything for it. It does not require your PK and tokens can be sent to a different wallet. All this so that you can focus on what's most important, getting in quick!

Go ahead and visit the SHOP to get a personalized bot for yourself!

Don't forget to click the Tweet button and broadcast your buy on your way to becoming the next KOL with your early calls!

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Tips to excel

The industry has progressed to utilizing automated trading tools and various other products that help maximize speed of entry with a measure of safety included

As part of the Blocktools Learn2Earn initiative we will share secrets that will help you unlock your true potential.

Start by following us socially, then prep yourself with some basics below:

1. Get a custom RPC
2. Crank up your gas
3. Practice getting quicker

Once you have mastered the above you are good to go. If you plan to do this full time you can add your own hardware, and a script to sniff rugs. As an extra, you may get a custom Contract from the Blocktools shop which is personalized for your PK!

  • Using a custom smart contract allows you to stand out from the herd that eventually gets into gas wars and requires bundling among custom hardware

  • Getting in early is a game of high stakes and requires quick hands, in addition to a gas optimized smart contract to go with your custom RPC!

  • Once you master the secret sauce it's time to level up with your own setup. Who knows, maybe you might be the next Jared! Or Maybe we are?